About Me#

Welcome to the about page! Unfortunately, you won't find much about me here.

I am an ordinary programmer. I love writing codes, that's what I do at work and most of the time after work. Besides that, I am a big Japanese anime fan (WEEBO ALERT!), and a gamer.

I started as a junior software developer in the year 2021 while write this about page. Still got a long way to go, and many things to learn.


This Chinese character "博" on my web logo, pronunciation of it in Japanese is はく(haku), and "bó" in chinese. That's why the domain is haku.dev. You can call me Haku if you want to, as an online nickname.

The character itself has a lot of meanings, it can mean plentiful, big, to gain or to gamble, but it usually uses for describing someone that's knowledgeable. Life is a never ending processing of learning, this character represents one of my life goals.

This Website#

This website is built with Next.js and TailwindCSS. No plan to make it open source. Just some crappy codes I wrote that I don't want fix my website if someone else is having an issue.

That's basically it. Not so interesting, so I kept it short.